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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Environment Community
California drought: Why farmers are ‘exporting water’ to China
While historic winter storms have battered much of the US, California is suffering its worst drought on record. So why is....
Climate Change Community
Barrage over climate change link to floods
As the barrage of bad weather eases, another kind of turbulence is brewing over one of the potential causes. Listen to....
Healthy Food Community
A Big Bet on Gluten-Free
The Girl Scouts recently introduced a gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread cookie to their annually anticipated line of sweet treats. Vodka companies....
Health General Community
Medicines Made in India Set Off Safety Worries
NEW DELHI — India, the second-largest exporter of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to the United States, is coming under increased scrutiny....
Health General Community
Measles-infected student may have exposed San Francisco BART passengers
A measles scare is unfolding in the San Francisco Bay Area. Public health officials said Thursday that an infected student from....


Climate Change Community
James Lovelock: ‘enjoy life while you can: in 20 years global warming will hit the fan’
The climate science maverick believes catastrophe is inevitable, carbon offsetting is a joke and ethical living a scam. So what would....
Apparel/Clothing Community
Why Women Wear Bras Has Little To Do With Appearance
No matter what cup size you are, you can probably agree that bras are a huge pain. There’s the constant adjusting,....
Healthy Food Community
One Pot of Beans, Four Dinners
If you are good about keeping a well-stocked pantry, you probably have some bags of beans lying around. From time to....
Dating/Relationship Community
Susan Patton: A Little Valentine’s Day Straight Talk
Young women in college need to smarten up and start husband-hunting. Another Valentine’s Day. Another night spent ordering in sushi for....
Beauty Community
Dad’s letter to daughter: Forget makeup; your beauty is inside
Dear Little One, As I write this, I’m sitting in the makeup aisle of our local Target store. A friend recently....
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