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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Lime Crime’s Alchemy Palette Arrives Just in Time For You to Get Your Halloween Spooky On

by ,October 5, 2012
Lime Crime’s Alchemy Palette Arrives Just in Time For You to Get Your Halloween Spooky On

It’s no secret that Lime Crime Makeup has had its share of controversy (anyone remembers the still-kind-of-going-on-but-not-really repackaging scandal?), but even its most jaded critics are likely to find themselves swooning over its upcoming Alchemy collection, which includes an eye shadow palette and two lipsticks. 

Doe Deere, the founder, head honcho, and all-around queen of Lime Crime has been pushing new product after new product out of the Unicorn Headquarters (a more glamorous name for the Lime Crime makeup mill, no?).  But none of them has really made a big impact on the beauty marketplace thus far. Despite her relentless promotion of the recently created China doll, Marie Antoinette, and mermaid themed palettes, the makeup mogul is still known best for her shamelessly uninhibited lipstick colors, which have all been around since 2008. 

But, at least to this fan of everything creepy, dark, and Morticia-related, the Alchemy collection, which was revealed on September 24th, is in a league of its own. The lovely Lola Blanc stars as the official face of the new collection, which is undeniably fabulous. Plus, as every other girl who loves spooky beauty can tell you, it’s pretty hard to find makeup that indulges Halloween-esque fantasies without looking like a cheap party store clearance item. One can only take so many pre-packaged costumes and synthetic false eyelashes which are labeled as “sexy fairy/witch/princess/traffic cone/whatever other ridiculous thing is now being sexualized.” With this in mind, Doe Deere’s latest creation is truly magical. 

The eye shadow palette consists of five shades, named Incantation (a coppery, autumnal pumpkin), Lucky Charm (a deep and ultra-shimmery intense forest green), Love Potion #9 (a medium purple which appears to be an amped up hue of the Lime Crime fan favorite lipstick, Airborne Unicorn), Spellbound (a creamy, golden, milk), and Divination (a positively mystical looking dark peacock blue). While Lime Crime’s previously released palettes certainly had pretty colors, none has probably ever caused one to actually fantasize about how amazing it would feel to wear them. Not so with Alchemy. The shades are rich, inviting, and genuinely well thought-out. They capture the tantalizing vampy-ness of dark magic without being cheesy or contrived. 

Same goes for the lipsticks, unsurprisingly. The aptly named Poisonberry is a strong berry-purple, while Serpentina is a less-wearable but nonetheless gorgeous snakelike green. 

Except for the Serpentina lipstick, everything in this collection looks both delicious and versatile, so that beauty mavens can fly under the radar with dangerous berry tinted lips or go full “The Craft” (watch it if you haven’t yet) with hypnotizing dark green eyes. 

The collection is officially being released on October 13th (see what they did there?) and will be available for purchase on www.limecrimemakeup.com

  • Lime Crime’s Alchemy Palette Arrives Just in Time For You to Get Your Halloween Spooky On
    A promotional photo found on Doe Deere's blogazine.
  • Lime Crime’s Alchemy Palette Arrives Just in Time For You to Get Your Halloween Spooky On
    The first look at Alchemy's yummy shades.
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  1. jspencer Commented: 2 years ago

    Very well written. Lively. I love it!!

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