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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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The Top Two Lipsticks for Fall (One of Which Will Scare You)

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    October 18, 2012
The Top Two Lipsticks for Fall (One of Which Will Scare You)

When fall rolls around, bringing its cool breezes (read: lack of sticky summer sweatiness) and plethora of pumpkins (read: perfect excuse to disembowel large vegetables in your living room), autumnal motifs start popping up everywhere. Those rubber bats hanging from the ceiling of the grocery store, for example. But, for me and my fellow beauty junkies, the most exciting part about the change in season is the emergence of gorgeous new products and shades from every Sephora, department store, and CVS. I don’t know about the other makeup addicts out there, but fall is so rich in new beauty and fashion products that it just makes me want to mainline melted down eyeliner. 

While fall typically calls to mind burgundy, orange, and chestnut shades, I tend to be drawn to more Halloween-specific colors, and I am absolutely obsessed with two of them: plum and, well, black. I know a lot of people feel nauseous and perhaps a bit frightened at the mention of black lipstick, but just hear me out. Black can, in fact, look lovely, and I will prove it to you. So, I’ll now model both colors for your viewing pleasure. 

We’ll start with the far-less-threatening shade of plum: 

Here, I’m wearing Urban Decay’s lipstick in the shade Confession, which is a deep, flattering, semi-sheer plum. It is currently sold out on their site, but I’ve heard you can achieve similar results with shade number four of the Kate Moss for Rimmel London collection.  

Anyway, Confession looks flawless right out of the tube, and is insanely creamy. I have yet to come across another lipstick that rivals this one when it comes to being simultaneously moisturizing and highly pigmented. No special tricks here, just swipe or dab it on, add another layer if you’d like more intense color, and go!

And now, for the main event, the ever-terrifying black lippy: 

Here, I’m attempting to look menacing while wearing Wet n’ Wild’s lipstick in the shade Black (the name could use a little improvement, I admit) from their Fantasy Makers collection. Said collection is only available during this time of year, so go out and nab it! 

Unsurprisingly, black is a little harder to pull off straight out of the tube. I recommend you coat your entire lips in a layer of clear lip liner, apply the lipstick, blot your lips on some tissue, apply a second coat, and, if you’re worried about your lips getting dry, finish it off with some clear lip gloss

Alright, little bats, I’ve taught you all that I can, now fly free and try it these looks for yourselves!

  • The Top Two Lipsticks for Fall (One of Which Will Scare You)
    Plum and Black.
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