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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Black Milk Clothing Releases Geek-tastic, Super-Galactic Star Wars Collection

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    October 31, 2012
Black Milk Clothing Releases Geek-tastic, Super-Galactic Star Wars Collection

Black Milk Clothing is the ridiculously fashion-forward brainchild of Australian designer James Lillis. It has over 300,000 “likes” on Facebook, over 17,000 followers on Twitter, and a passionately dedicated fan base whose members refer to themselves as “sharkies.” During a five-minute stroll through the Black Milk website, you’ll find Beetlejuice-inspired leggings, macabre x-ray style skeleton swimsuits, and dresses emblazoned with thousands of stars. This is just one of the many fan-created looks featured on their official Facebook page:

Black Milk has released more than 400 unique designs over the course of a few years, and each design has found itself clinging to the skin of all sorts of people, from young hipster girls to spray-tanned male body builders  to cute old ladies. In short, Black Milk is for weirdos, and as an ultra-weird weirdo I can attest to the power of its spandex-clad siren call, exemplified here by Ashley J. on Lookbook.nu

See what I’m talking about? Luckily, for those of us who have more than a few geeky bones in our bodies, Black Milk has bestowed a slew of Star Wars-themed dresses, leggings, and swimsuits upon the fashion community. They’ve been teasing their fans with sneak peeks of the collection for weeks, and, less than 24 hours ago, finally released it. Feel free to drool away.

Their Artoo dress has been a cult favorite for a while, and now the slightly modified Artoo 2.0 version is available for purchase. 

This Threepio swimsuit is a nice complement to the Artoo dress, and has already been plastered all over Instagram by Black Milk’s loyal fans.  

Finally, the The Force swimsuit provides a slightly more sinister option, for girls who prefer a taste of the dark side.

There are many other cosmically awesome pieces in the collection, and I can’t wait to see more fan photos popping up online. What do you think of the collection so far, and which is your favorite piece? Tell me in the comments!


  • Black Milk Clothing Releases Geek-tastic, Super-Galactic Star Wars Collection
    The Black Milk models in action.
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